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Manchester Airport Parking

Manchester Airport Parking

Whether it is a vacation, family reunion, or business tour, make your travel memorable. The first thing you need to be heedful of in order to make your journey worthwhile is to take advantage of worry-free, affordable, and convenient car parking. And if you are flying from or arriving at Manchester Airport, car parking becomes even more hassle-free. So, opt for car parking Manchester Airport and reap the benefits of price-friendly car parking options.

Manchester Airport Parking Made Easy

With the advent of globalisation, the concept of boundaries has become blurred, and people tend to travel more than before. Subsequently, the number of flights operated by Manchester Airport has increased substantially.

Although the options available for car parking at Manchester Airport are numerous, finding a safe and secure spot for car parking does not come in handy when the parking space is out of the traveller's price range.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention that the costs of car parking Manchester Airport can be high because of the large number of people finding spaces there.

However, car parking at Manchester Airport can be a piece of cake for travellers if they choose JustParkme to get the job done.

At JustParkme, we incessantly strive to provide a comprehensive pricing list for customers searching for airport car parking at major airports in the UK. JUSTparkme endeavours to find the pricing deals that always remain within the bounds of their affordability so that they can compare the parking prices and eventually choose the best parking deals.

In addition, the client can obtain the exact airport parking they want with our modern, up-to-date booking system. Our online booking system is credible and trusted, and so is our online payment method.

Manchester Airport Parking Options

The following are the prevalent car parking options available at Manchester Airport. The customers can pick the choice that caters to their travelling requirements.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride Manchester Airport, a popular parking option among returning clients, is a significant time-and-stress-saving choice for those who do not have much time to spare.

Further to that, park-and-ride or shuttle services are a wise pick for those travelling on a strict budget. These services are typically found within a 10-minute drive of the airport and are easy to use.

When you pick up the park-and-ride option for car parking at Manchester Airport, you drive straight to the spot allocated or assigned to you through your confirmation email.

You then board the shuttle bus after completing the process of checking in at the information desk for the confirmation of your booking. The shuttle bus will transport you to the Manchester Airport terminal.

On your return from your trip, the driver will pick you up and bring you back to where your car was parked.

Hence, park and ride is low-priced and convenient

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet, also known as valet service, is Manchester's Airport premium car parking option, meaning you drive your car from whichever departure terminal you are departing from directly to the Manchester airport. The prime benefit that comes with when you book Meet and Greet parking is that you will receive all the required information to reach your drop-off location with the least amount of disruption.

JustParkme will provide you with the precise location of your parking space, the transfer bus driver's name, and their contact number.

When you reach your designated drop-off location at departures, a parking attendant/employee will take your car and drive it back to the reserved parking space.

Lastly, the only thing left to do is make the short stroll to the airport to check in.

Therefore, spending a little money will buy you time.

Manchester Airport Parking Terminals

There are three parking terminals at Manchester Airport. Three parking options are available at these three terminals of Manchester Airport: park and ride and meet and greet. Customers can choose any of the two services for parking at Manchester Airport Terminals as per their affordability, accessibility, and convenience.

The three terminals are elaborated on below:

Terminal 1

The largest terminal at Manchester Airport is Terminal 1. Terminal 1 is close to Terminal 2. Between the two terminals, there is a walkway that takes around 15 minutes. Furthermore, there are parking lots around Terminal 3, which are only at an arm's length from Terminal 1.

When choosing the Park and Ride option, you pull up to the Manchester Airport parking Terminal 1 and park your car. Then ride a shuttle bus to the airport terminal after checking in.

In the Meet and Greet service, you arrive by car at the Manchester Airport parking Terminal 1. A uniformed valet driver will meet you there. Exchange your car keys with him and proceed to the check-in for your flight. Your vehicle will be parked for you in the meantime.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is intended to make your car parking experience as efficient and stress-free as possible. Through Terminal 2, getting from your Manchester airport parking place to the departure hall is simple because it is adjacent to Terminal 3.

Yet, we recommend arriving well before your scheduled flight because Terminal 2 can get crowded with travellers. Major airlines like Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore have a lounge at the airport. In addition, terminal 2 has express check-in and a duty-free service.

Do you plan on saving money? Choose the Park and Ride option. Drive to your allocated spot at Manchester Airport parking Terminal 2, get on the shuttle bus and reach the airport.

Are you in a rush, or do you not have time to waste? Meet and Greet service at Manchester Airport parking Terminal 2 should be your option on the table. You must drive to the Terminal 2 entrance, hand over the keys to the valet driver, and proceed to the airport check-in.

Terminal 3

Domestic travel is the main focus of Terminal 3. It is conveniently close to Terminal 1. The parking affiliates of JustParkme at Manchester airport are very close to Terminal 3. You will just have to find the car park nearest to the terminal. If you choose JustParkme, this all becomes a breeze for you. Make a booking, and you will get directions to your Manchester airport parking terminal 3 in the confirmation email.

Those who are eager to find cost-efficient parking spaces, choose the Park and Ride option. In other words, park-and-ride is cheap parking at Manchester Airport. Park your car at the space you have booked and then take the shuttle bus to Manchester Airport Parking Terminal 3.

Manchester Airport's Meet and Greet service is a preferred choice if you are looking for speed and luxury.

A uniformed valet will greet you when you arrive at Manchester Airport Parking Terminal 3. The driver will park your car while you go to check in for your flight.